About us


  • Introduction of LBS Group

    LBS Group was founded in 1998 with Hong Kong as the headquarters of development. Innovative and quality products with provision of sincere and whole-hearted service enable LBS Group to develop business in more than 20 locations in Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan within 14 years. Its brands include : "Swisher", "Rubbermaid", "Waterlogic", "Puriscent" and "Fryomate".

  • Fryomate

    Fryomate, being a member of the LBS Group, is a company that provides equipments for fry oil filtration. Fryomate is appointed by Acefilters to be the sole agent for Hong Kong and Greater China for its products. By using Fryomate filter machines, papers and powder, our clients can improve the quality of their fry oil, extend its life by 50% - 200% as well as save money. Fryomate products are being used by many food chains whether they be large or small all around the world.

  • Our Mission

    To be the leader in providing fry oil filtration related products and quality services in the Greater China region.

    Our Vision

    To popularize the practice of fry oil filtration among the catering industry in the Greater China region and in doing so bring about the benefits of better oil quality, cost saving and environmentally handling of oil to our customers.