Why Fry Oil Filtration

The mechanism

  • Oil affected by heat, light and water will produce impurities such as carbon and free fatty acids. (FFAs)
  • Free fatty acids (FFAs) make the oil foam, discolour and produce greasy fried food, thus shortening the life of oil.
  • The more frequent the oil is being used and fried, the faster the rate it deteriorates.
  • Fryomate filter powder can effectively absorb the impurities within the oil such as carbon and free fatty acids. (FFAs)
  • Combined with the use of Fryomate filter machine and filter paper, carbon and free fatty acids (FFAs) can be effectively removed, thus improving the oil quality and extending its life.

The result

The scientific prw oof

The advantages of using Fryomate

  • Increase the oil's life by 50% - 200%;
  • Save money by reducing oil consumption;
  • Improve the quality of oil, thus food as well