Why Fryomate

Substantial Cost savings

Cost of oil per drum       How many drums used per week  

Without Filtration

Total cost of oil per week
Total cost of oil per year

 Filtering with Fryomate filter machine and filter powder

For high load fryers, You save $0 per year
For medium load fryers, You save $0 per year
For low load fryers, You save $0 per year

Filtering your oil can save you money

The advantages of using Fryomate:

  • Food quality

    Company image
    Fryomate's products can improve the quality of your fry oil, thus your food. Better food quality can greatly improve the image of the company and thus attract more customers and more profit.
    Customers satisfaction
    Better food quality can enhance customers' satisfaction. This in turn can increase customers re-visit.
  • Health of people

    Scientific evidence of the harm to health of bad oil

    Continous consumption of food cooked by poor quality of cooking oil will seriously affect the health. In the long run, it will increase the risk of having cancer or other diseases.

    Use Fryomate's products daily to filter your fry oil will improve the quality of your oil, thus minimize any harm caused to human body.
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  • Product quality

    Food grade, HACCP, FDA, finest, ability to screen out FFA and impurities

    Fryomate's products have been tested and obtained various safety certificates from renowned international organizations.

  • Customers reference

    KFC, McDonalds' and other famous chains